Monday, April 5, 2010

Development Ideas

I have some great ideas about how to build solutions to some of our most common programming issues. The problem? I don't really know any person, company or organization that is genuinely interested in trying to solve real problems.

There are, of course, a massive number of people out there keen on making money, and a few people out there dedicated towards making noise, but when it comes down to really working on ideas that could change the world, everyone is suddenly busy with other things.

Perhaps if I could be more modern, and would swear up and down that my ideas will definitely work right away, and that they aren't just experimentation or research, I could con, err,... I mean: convince someone into backing this work, but then if I knew for sure that these ideas were winners my house would be mortgaged, and I'd be eating cat food (and not the human grade kind) for years while busily trying to finish up the work.

Over the years I tried getting my own companies going, finding angel or venture capital, and just setting up something simple, but all to no avail. I'd just do some sort of free openSource project, but I've got a house to pay for and a family to feed (although half of it is canine). I work to maintain my life, and that also draws off my excess energy from working on the side. Writing at night and photography on the weekends complements my full-time software development activities, coding until the wee hours of the morning does not.

I'd like to change the world, it could use the help, but I have no idea how to get myself into a position where I could try. Any suggestions?